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Nursing Homes in Dorchester, Massachusetts

Dorchester's Nursing Home Quality  is graded a "A-minus".

Long-Term Care  is graded a "B-plus".
Inspection Reports  are graded a "A".
Nurse Quality  is graded a "B-plus".
Short-Term Care  is graded a "A".

There is unfortunately only one nursing home in Dorchester, Massachusetts, providing for a decent size population of 82,752 people. We were relieved to discover that, this city's lone nursing home received a first-rate grade of A-, so at least you have one good option. For comparison's sake, we also looked at the facilities in the nearby city of Boston, which which also appears to be a strong option. However, we found that this nursing home in Dorchester was rated much higher than most of the nursing homes in Boston. Finally, Dorchester also has the distinction of being one of the top 250 cities in the country.

In addition to receiving a strong overall grade, this city's lone nursing home performed spectacularly well in our short-term care category. In fact, we awarded it a grade of A for that category, which is one of our highest scores. Our short-term care scores are critical for residents seeking rehabilitation. Rehabilitation typically utilizes more highly-skilled nursing. Skilled nursing includes a vast range of nursing services, ranging from registered nurses to physical and occupational therapists, as well as other types of therapy. This city also performed remarkably well in our inspections category. In fact, it received a nearly flawless inspection report this year, which caused us to award it a grade of A. Rounding out its report card, this place received favorable grades for our long-term care and nursing categories as well.

Nursing homes in Dorchester, MA

There are 2 nursing homes

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