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People Over Profits, Always:

The health and well-being of your loved ones is our top priority. Elder Guide will never give a provider a higher grade due to that provider paying us a commission. Most websites and advisors in the senior living space, can't make this promise because it hurts their bottom line. We will never compromise our values for profits. People are simply too important.

One way we deliver on this promise is by using a data-driven grading system. We use the same exact process for rating and reviewing nursing homes that do not pay placement fees, including many non-profit and government-owned facilities. If you are working with a senior living advisor, be sure to ask how they are paid and find out if their list of recommendations includes any facilities that don't pay commissions. You will find that many so-called advisers are only looking at one datapoint and sadly it is their commissions.

Our process is different, we analyze more than a billion datapoints and present our findings in an easily digestible format so you drive the decision. If your current advisers are not providing you with this type of content, then find someone who will. We are here for you.

No Two Nursing Homes are equal.

No two nursing homes are the same. While two facilities may look similar on the surface, dig deeper and see everything from nurse staffing hours to the % of patients who have pressure ulcers to when their last inspection date was and more. Our goal is to give you the best tools possible to make an informed decision for you and your family.

Data Driven Decisions Backed By More than 1 Billion Data Points

Who is Behind Elder Guide?

Elder Guide was born out of the frustration of two neighbors who wished the process of finding elder care for their loved ones was simpler.

"It is appalling that such important decisions are often left to chance or are driven by commission." One lamented.

A few days later, they ran into each other again and discussed how the industry could be improved.

This lead the two down a rabbit hole. One a lawyer, the other a programmer, they decided that they were uniquely qualified to help transform the industry by helping users make data driven decisions.

You can read our full story on our mission page.