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Nursing Homes in Hillsborough, New Jersey

Hillsborough's Nursing Home Quality  is graded a "A-minus".

Long-Term Care  is graded a "B-plus".
Inspection Reports  are graded a "B-plus".
Nurse Quality  is graded a "A".
Short-Term Care  is graded a "A".

With a population of 38,367 people, Hillsborough, New Jersey is a relatively small city. There are only 2 nursing homes there, which doesn't give you too many options. The nursing homes in this city received a world class city grade of A-. Even with only a few facilities, this is still quite an accomplishment. By way of comparison, we gave the facilities in the local city of Princeton a city grade of B-, which is not a bad grade. However, we found the nursing homes in Hillsborough to be in a totally different league than the ones in Princeton. The best part of this city's impressive report card is its nursing homes' short-term care grades. We discuss short-term care in the following paragraph.

On top of having quality nursing homes on the whole, this city really excelled in our short-term care category where it received a grade of A. Few cities earned a better grade in this category. Strong scores in this category typically mean a city's nursing homes have high physical therapy staffing levels. Hillsborough also performed remarkably well in the area of nursing, with an A for this area. Rounding out its impressive report card, the city received a B+ in our long-term care category and a grade of B+ in the area of inspections. Hillsborough didn't have any weak links based on our assessment.

Nursing homes in Hillsborough, NJ

There are 2 nursing homes

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