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Nursing Homes in Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach's Nursing Home Quality  is graded a "B-minus".

Long-Term Care  is graded a "B-plus".
Inspection Reports  are graded a "B-plus".
Nurse Quality  is graded a "B-plus".
Short-Term Care  is graded a "C".

Miami Beach, Florida offers only two nursing homes to choose from, which is not a ton of options. This small group of facilities received on average an overall grade of B-, which a decent rating for the city. This is comparable with most of the cities in the nation. One of the highlights of this city's report card is its nursing homes' impressive nursing scores, which we will address in the following paragraph.

While the nursing homes in Miami Beach received a middle of the road overall grade, its nursing score is notably higher than the city's overall score. Miami Beach received one of our higher grades in this area with a grade of B+. Nursing ratings this high are a great sign for the levels of staffing at the nursing homes in a city. The city earned a B+ for its. In our final two categories, Miami Beach received middle of the road grades for our inspections and short-term care areas respectively.

Nursing homes in Miami Beach, FL

There are 2 nursing homes

Nursing Homes Near Miami Beach