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Nursing Homes in Shelton, Washington

There is unfortunately only one nursing home located in Shelton, Washington, providing for a population of 36,630 people. Sadly, this nursing home did not fare well in our assessment. We gave it a grade of F, which is a terrible grade. Nationally, most nursing homes received a much better score than this facility. More information on this nursing home's category grades is available below. Its best category was inspections, which is addressed in the next paragraph.

Unfortunately, we gave this city's sole nursing home some very poor grades. Among them were its F in the category of inspections. Grades this bad point to some red flags on the facility's government inspection reports. When a nursing home has this bad of an inspection grade, you should look for severe deficiencies on its inspection report. Severe deficiencies indicate a risk to resident safety. In the category of nursing, we gave an F. Finally, this place received rock bottom grades in our long-term care and short-term care categories respectively.

Nursing homes in Shelton, WA

There are 2 nursing homes

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