Nursing Homes in Hurley, Wisconsin

With a population of 2,459 people, Hurley, Wisconsin is a small city. There are just 2 nursing homes in the city, which doesn't provide you with too many choices. The nursing homes in this city received a superb city grade of A. Even with just a few facilities, this is still quite an achievement. Hurley is ranked number 136 on our list of the best cities to find nursing homes in the nation. This is impressive since we ranked thousands of cities around the country. As you might expect, Hurley has 2 facilities that received a grade of A- or better. This gives you a couple of great options.

In addition to performing well in its overall grade, many of the nursing homes in Hurley performed remarkably well in the area of inspections. In fact, some of its facilities received virtually perfect inspection reports this year. Consequently, we awarded it one of our best scores in that category with an A+. Arguably the most important factor we consider in determining our inspection scores is deficiencies. These deficiencies are found on a facility's inspection reports. Places with higher scores in this area most likely dodged the more severe deficiencies involving things like patient abuse. Hurley also really excelled in the area of nursing, where it received an A+. Rounding out its phenomenal profile, Hurley received grades of A- and B+ for our long-term care and short-term care areas respectively.

Showing 3 nursing homes ranked by overall rating.

Villa Maria Health and Rehab Center

300 Villa Dr Hurley, Wisconsin 54534

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (715) 561-3200
  • small: 70 beds

Sky View Nursing Center

309 Iron St Hurley, Wisconsin 54534

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (715) 561-5646
  • small: 33 beds

Nursing Homes Near Hurley, WI


Gogebic Medical Care Facility

402 North Street Wakefield, Michigan 49968

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (906) 224-9811
  • medium: 109 beds
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