Nursing Homes in Pullman, Washington

Our data for Pullman, Washington is based on just one nursing home we found there. This facility earned an overall grade of B, which is a very solid score. This city is the fourteenth best city in Washington according to our rankings. The best aspect of this facility's impressive report card was its short-term care grade. Short-term care grades are discussed in the following section.

In addition to being a quality facility overall, this city's only nursing home really excelled in the area of short-term care, where we gave it a grade of A+. Very few nursing homes earned a better grade in this area. Our short-term care ratings are important for individuals needing rehabilitation. Rehabilitation generally mandates more highly-skilled nursing services. Skilled nursing includes a vast scope of services, ranging from registered nurses to physical and respiratory therapists, as well as other variations of therapy. This nursing home also earned a B+ for its inspections rating. In the last two categories, Pullman received a B for nursing and a C in the area of long-term care.

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Nursing Homes Near Pullman, WA


Whitman Health & Rehab Center

1150 West Fairview Road Colfax, Washington 99111

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (509) 397-4603
  • small: 55 beds
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