Nursing Homes in Clifton Forge, Virginia

There are only 2 nursing homes located in Clifton Forge, Virginia, providing for a relatively small population of 6,315 people. This small group of nursing homes in this city received a respectable city grade of B-. For comparison's sake, we also looked at the nursing homes in the nearby city of Staunton, which received a city grade of D. We found Clifton Forge to be on a whole other level. We were especially pleased to find one quality facility here. This might be a smart place to start your search.

While its overall rating was fairly ordinary, the nursing homes in Clifton Forge performed extremely well in our inspection category. In fact, we awarded the city an A+ for that category, which is one of our highest scores. Our inspection scores weigh several factors found on a facility's inspection reports. One of the most important criteria we consider is the quantity and severity of deficiencies. Places with higher scores in this area tend to have very few severe deficiencies. This city earned its next highest grade in the area of nursing, where we gave it a B-, which is also respectable. In our final two categories, the city received a B- for its long-term care score and a grade of B- in the area of short-term care.

Showing 4 nursing homes ranked by overall rating.

The Woodlands Health and Rehab Center

1000 Fairview Heights Clifton Forge, Virginia 24422

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (540) 863-4096
  • small: 60 beds

Alleghany Health and Rehab

1725 Main Street Clifton Forge, Virginia 24422

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (540) 862-5791
  • medium: 105 beds

Nursing Homes Near Clifton Forge, VA


Kendal at Lexington

160 Kendal Drive Lexington, Virginia 24450

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (540) 463-1910
  • small: 60 beds

The Springs Nursing Center

167 Spring Street Hot Springs, Virginia 24445

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (540) 839-2299
  • small: 60 beds
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