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O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf

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Updated Sep 1, 2019 by Nick Reese

O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf's website

2105 Forest Avenue,
San Jose CA 95128

(408) 947-2500

92.08% estimated occupancy 1

Note: Data for O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf has not been updated recently. This page shows historical performance which may not be representitive of current service levels.

O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf is located in San Jose, California. The city has a multitude of available nursing homes. This facility received a very impressive overall rating of A-, resulting in it being among the ten highest rated facilities in San Jose. In addition, this is a hospital-based nursing home, which is a positive for prospective patients with significant health conditions. Keep reading to see this nursing home's category scores, which are also strong. It would be hard to poke holes in this facility's profile.

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Quick Details

  • Accepts Medicare 1
  • Accepts Medicaid 1
  • No CCRC
  • Has Resident Council
  • No Family Council
  • Non profit - Corporation
  • Offers Inpatient Rehab
  • Offers Outpatient Rehab

Specialized Services

  • Speech Therapy
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Wound Care
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Diabetes Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Laboratory
  • X-Ray
  • Oncology Care
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Facility Inspections

Grade: A-plus

In addition to being a great overall grade, this facility also received A+ health inspections in recent years. Its inspections were virtually flawless. Inspection ratings weigh several factors, including deficiencies and federal fines. You can learn more about each of these items by reviewing copies of nursing homes' inspection reports. It does not appear that we have deficiency data for this facility. We wish we had more data for this facility. Without the deficiency data, it was a challenge to fully evaluate it in this category.

Nurse Quality

Grade: A

One of the other reasons we rated this facility so highly is that it received a very impressive nursing score. This proved to be its second best category grade. In that area, we awarded this facility an A. The nursing rating assesses several subcategories, however, the paramount one is the quantity of nurse hours spent with patients. This nursing home provides 0.8 hours of nursing care per resident per day. Finally, our nursing grades also factor in quality-based assessments, such as avoiding major falls. This nursing home performed well in this area. Avoiding major falls is typically a good indicator that a nursing home has reliable quality controls in place. Major falls can often be avoided if more nurses aids and better safety protocols are in place.

Short-term Care Quality

Grade: B

Turning to our next category, this facility also received a score of B for its short-term care rating. This is a well above average score in this area. In determining our short-term care grades, we assess a facility's levels of highly skilled nursing, which includes registered nurses, physical therapists speech therapists and other highly trained professionals. This grade is generally a useful measure of the facility's ability to rehabilitate patients. Fortunately, it appear that this facility has registered nurses on staff. Not every nursing home employs these skilled professionals. However, based on the information this nursing home provided, it does not look like the facility employs physical therapists. The final measure we looked at in this area is the percentage of patients who ultimately returned home from the nursing home. We found that 0 percent of this nursing home's residents returned home as opposed to remaining at the nursing home on a permanent basis.

Long-term Care Quality

Grade: B

The next category we rated is long-term care. In that category, we gave this nursing home a favorable grade of B. When facilities receive a score in this range in this category it generally means it's well-staffed and is an overall good place to reside on a permanent basis. One of the statistics we considered on top of nursing hours is vaccines. This nursing home administered the pneumonia vaccination to 100 percent of its residents. This is a great way to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations for the elderly population. Finally, this place was able to limit hospitalizations. Indeed, it had only 0 hospitalizations per one thousand long-term resident days, which is a remarkably low number.

Rating Over Time

Compared to national and state averages across all facilities.

FDCB-BB+A-AA+Oct 18Dec 23

O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf Quality Metrics

Minimizes Pressure Ulcers

Grade: B-plus

In O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf, 6.38% of Patients had Pressure Ulcers

This is an indication of the percentage of long-term stay residents who suffer from pressure ulcers or bed sores. We bake this statistic into our nursing grades.

Minimizes Serious Falls

Grade: A+

In O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf, 0% of Patients had Serious Falls

This tells you the percentage of residents who have had a fall leading to major injury.

Minimizes Urinary Tract Infections

Grade: C

In O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf, 3.19% of Patients had UTIs

This metric indicates the percentage of long-term residents who suffered from a UTI. Although a higher rate of these infections could reflect poorly on a facility's cleanliness, it can be difficult to compare different nursing homes due to varying reporting standards.

Appropriately Uses Anti-Psychotic Medication

Grade: A

In O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf, 7.37% of Patients use Anti-Psychotic Medication

This measures the percentage of long-term stay patients taking antipsychotic drugs. While antipsychotic medications serve an important medical purpose, it is important to ensure these medications are being used only where medically required. In some situations, excessive reliance on these medications may indicate a facility is using these medications to subdue residents.

Appropriately Uses Anti-Anxiety Medication

Grade: B-minus

In O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf, 21.35% of Patients use Anti-Anxiety Medication

This datapoint indicates the percent of long-term patients who are given antianxiety medication. These drugs are commonly given to patients experiencing depression and anxiety.

Managing Depression Among Residents

Grade: A+

In O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf, 0% of Patients

This indicates the percentage of residents showing depressive symptoms. Increased rates of depression may be an indicator a less hospitable environment.

Appropriate Vaccine Usage

Grade: A

In O'connor Hospital Dp/Snf, 100% of Patients

This indicates the percentage of residents who received the flu and pneumonia vaccines. Higher vaccination rates should be demanded by residents.

Scores for San Jose, CA

  • Overall Rating has a grade of B
  • Nurse Rating has a grade of B-plus
  • Long-term Care Rating has a grade of B
  • Short-term Care Rating has a grade of B-plus
  • Inspection Rating has a grade of B-plus

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