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Ludlowe Center for Health & Rehabilitation

  • Nursing Home
  • Memory Care

Updated Jan 10, 2019 by Nick Lata

Ludlowe Center for Health & Rehabilitation's website

118 Jefferson Street,
Los Angeles CA 90022

(203) 372-4501

96.04% estimated occupancy 1

Note: Data for Ludlowe Center for Health & Rehabilitation has not been updated recently. This page shows historical performance which may not be representitive of current service levels.

Ludlowe Center for Health & Rehabilitation is a large nursing home in Los Angeles, California. We awarded this nursing home an overall grade of B+. A score in this range requires favorable scores in most areas. This facility proved to be one of the better facilities in the city. This place was stronger in some categories than others, but it didn't have any poor grades in any of the major categories. More information about these categories can be found below.

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Quick Details

  • Accepts Medicare 1
  • Accepts Medicaid 1
  • No CCRC
  • Has Resident Council
  • Has Family Council
  • For profit - Corporation
  • Offers Post-Acute Care 
  • Offers Inpatient Rehab

Specialized Services

  • Home Making
  • Transportation
  • Speech Therapy
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Amputee Recovery
  • IV Antibiotic Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Cardiac Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Facility Inspections

Grade: A

One of the reasons this ended up being a strong nursing home is that it earned an impressive inspection score. In fact, inspections is its best category. In that category, we awarded it a grade of A. Perhaps the most important factor we look at in computing our inspection scores is deficiencies. Deficiencies are found on a nursing home's recent inspection reports. Places with higher grades in this category most likely avoided the more severe deficiencies involving things like patient abuse. Unfortunately, it does not look like we were able to find deficiency data for this nursing home. We would like to have more information about this facility. Without complete deficiency related data, it ended up being difficult to grade it in this area.

Nurse Quality

Grade: B-plus

This nursing home also received a strong nursing score. In fact, we awarded it an above average grade of B+ in this area. Nursing ratings are mostly associated with the facility's nurse staffing. This particular nursing home provided 0.4 hours of nursing care per resident per day. Finally, our nursing grades also factor in quality-based assessments, such as avoiding major falls. This nursing home performed well in this area. Avoiding major falls is typically a good indicator that a place has reliable quality controls in place. Major falls can many times be prevented if more nurses aids and better safety protocols are in place.

Short-term Care Quality

Grade: B-plus

The third area we looked at is short-term care. This nursing home was given an impressive short-term care score, with a B+ in this area. In computing our short-term care ratings, we size up the nursing home's levels of skilled nursing services, which includes registered nurses, physical therapists occupational therapists and other highly trained professionals. This score is often a useful measure of the nursing home's ability to rehabilitate patients. Fortunately, it looks like this nursing home has registered nurses on staff. Not all facilities employs these types of nurses. However, based on the information this nursing home provided, it does not look like the facility employs physical therapists. Lastly, we considered the number of residents who were able to return to the community from this facility. We found that 0 percent of this facility's patients returned home.

Long-term Care Quality

Grade: B-minus

The next area we rated is long-term care. This nursing home was given an impressive long-term care grade this year, with a grade of B-. Even though this isn't quite as good as many of its other category grades, this remains an acceptable score in this category. Our long-term care grades are based on the facility's amount of care. This means a vast range of personal care services, ranging from assistance with activities of daily living to routine medical services. One of the data points we considered in addition to nurse's aid hours was vaccines. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this facility submitted data regarding vaccinations. Lastly, this place was able to limit hospitalizations. Indeed, it had only 0 hospitalizations per 1,000 long-term resident days, which is an impressively low figure.

Rating Over Time

Compared to national and state averages across all facilities.

FDCB-BB+A-AA+Oct 18Dec 23

Scores for Los Angeles, CA

  • Overall Rating has a grade of C
  • Nurse Rating has a grade of B
  • Long-term Care Rating has a grade of C
  • Short-term Care Rating has a grade of C
  • Inspection Rating has a grade of B-minus

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