Note: Hyde Park Healthcare Center has been flagged for abuse in the past 12 months. We have capped this facility's overall grade accordingly.

Hyde Park Healthcare Center is located in Los Angeles, California, which offers more than 20 nursing homes. Featuring an overall score of F, we consider this to be a lower end nursing home. In our grading scheme, this is one of the bottom 10 rated nursing homes in Los Angeles. Given that the city has more than 70 other nursing homes, you ought to be able to find an alternative here. More information on this facility's category grades is available below. Its best category was inspections, which is addressed in the next section.

Additional Details:

Accepts Medicare 1 :

Accepts Medicaid 1 : 72 Beds


For profit - Corporation

Resident Council:

Family Council:

Facility Inspections


Although we gave this facility a terrible overall grade, we awarded it a grade of B- for our inspections rating. In fact, the facility received very impressive inspection report this year. We believe that one of the most important factors in assessing an inspection report is deficiencies. We especially focus on the severity of those deficiencies. This nursing home received 4 deficiencies on its inspection report, but fortunately none were considered to be severe deficiencies. This tells you that the inspectors did not deem any of the deficiencies to create an immediate threat to patient safety or health. Lastly, this nursing home was cited by CMS for possible abuse or neglect. This is generally a really bad sign. We would never recommend this facility.

Long-term Care Quality


Incredibly, we gave this facility a grade of C for its long-term care score, which really isn't too bad of a score. Our long-term care grades are essential for patients looking for personal care. Unfortunately, it appears we were unable to track down some of this nursing home's data for this category. Without having long-term care related data for this nursing home, it ended up being difficult to fully assess it in terms of this category.

Short-term Care Quality


This facility ended up receiving a an abysmal grade in our short-term care category. It was given a lowly F in this category. Our short-term care ratings are presumably more important for patients requiring rehabilitation from their nursing home. Rehabilitation generally utilizes more highly-skilled nursing services. This includes not merely nursing services, but also physical and occupational therapy, as well as other variations of therapy. As you might expect, we found that this facility provides substantially less registered nurse and physical therapist hours per resident than the average facility. The final measure we considered in this category is the number of patients who were able to leave the facility and return to the community. We discovered that just 0 percent of this facility's residents were able to return home, which is well below average. The combination of these poor metrics was damning for this nursing home's short-term care score.

Nurse Quality


The last category we looked at is nursing. Sadly, it received an abysmal F for this area, which is a bottom of the barrel score. There are several subcategories included in this area. Many of the factors relate to levels of nurse staffing. With a meager 3.3 hours of nursing care per patient each day, this nursing home's nurse staffing levels were far below average. Lastly, we also looked at some nursing quality-based metrics in computing our nursing grades. This nursing home performed well when it comes to avoiding pressure ulcers and major falls. We consider these areas to be reliable indicators of the quality of nursing care.

Overall Rating Over Time

Compared to national and state averages across all facilities.

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