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Cottages of Clayton The

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Updated Feb 1, 2019 by Nick Lata

Cottages of Clayton The's website

8212 North Main Street,
Dayton OH 45415

82.14% estimated occupancy 1

Note: Data for Cottages of Clayton The has not been updated recently. This page shows historical performance which may not be representitive of current service levels.

Located in Dayton, Ohio, Cottages of Clayton The is on a list of 34 possibilities in the city. This facility is one of the most impressive nursing homes we found. A score of this caliber requires excellent scores across the board. We were not surprised to discover that this is substantially better than most of the nursing homes in the city. Headlining this place's remarkable report card is its inspection score, which we will address in the next section.

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Quick Details

  • Accepts Medicare 1
  • Accepts Medicaid 1
  • No CCRC
  • Has Resident Council
  • No Family Council
  • For profit - Partnership
  • Secure Memory Care 
  • Offers Hospice
  • Offers Respite Care
  • Offers Inpatient Rehab

Specialized Services

  • Personal Care
  • Medication Management
  • Home Making
  • Transportation
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nutritional Counseling

Facility Inspections

Grade: A+

One of the reasons this ended up being a quality nursing home is it earned an A+ inspection grade. This is as good as it gets in this critical area. Inspection scores are tied to several items located in the a nursing home's recent inspection reports. Facilities that score well in this area have very few deficiencies on those reports. Most importantly, these facilities generally do not have any severe deficiencies which are associated with risks to patient safety. Although this place had some deficiencies on its inspection report, none of them were serious based on CMS' scale. The fact that none of the deficiencies were severe leaves us less concerned with this inspection report.

Nurse Quality

Grade: A-plus

This nursing home also received an A+ for its nursing grade. In determining a nursing home's nursing rating, we look at the quantity of hours nurses are with residents as well as the level of licensure of those nurses. This nursing home averages 0.6 hours of nursing care per resident per day. Lastly, we also looked at some nursing quality-based metrics in determining our nursing grades. This place performed very well when it comes to avoiding major falls and pressure ulcers. We consider these areas to be good indicators of the quality of nursing care.

Short-term Care Quality

Grade: A-minus

The next area we looked at is short-term care. Adding to its elite profile, this facility also excelled in this category. In fact, we gave it a grade of of A- for the area. In our short-term care score, we try to forge a meaningful gauge for rehabilitation. In doing so, we analyze the nursing home's levels of highly-skilled nursing services, including both registered nurses and physical therapy, as well as occupational therapy. Fortunately, it looks like this facility employs registered nurses. Not every facility employs these skilled professionals. However, according to the information they provided, it does not look like the facility employs physical therapists. The last item we looked at in this area is the number of residents who were able to leave the nursing home and return to the community. We discovered that 4.1 percent of this facility's patients were able to return home.

Long-term Care Quality

Grade: B-minus

The next area we graded was long-term care. This facility was given a strong long-term care score in our assessment, with a B-. Although this is not as dominant as several of its other grades, this is nevertheless a respectable score for that category. In crafting these long-term care grades, we assess the facility's personal care services. On top of looking at the amount of care provided by nurses aids and other staff, we analyzed the number of residents vaccinated against pneumonia. Thankfully, this nursing home vaccinated 100 percent of its patients, which is an above average statistic. This nursing home was able to keep its patients out of the hospital. It had less than one hospitalization per 1,000 long-term resident days, which is an impressively low number.

Rating Over Time

Compared to national and state averages across all facilities.

FDCB-BB+A-AA+Oct 18Dec 23

Cottages of Clayton The Quality Metrics

Minimizes Pressure Ulcers

Grade: C

In Cottages of Clayton The, 10% of Patients had Pressure Ulcers

This indicates the percentage of patients who sustained a pressure ulcer. Pressure ulcers are damage to the skin due to remaining in the same position for too long.

Minimizes Serious Falls

Grade: A+

In Cottages of Clayton The, 0% of Patients had Serious Falls

This is a measure of the percentage of long-term stay patients who have suffered falls resulting in severe injury. Falls can happen for a variety of reasons, but excessive numbers of falls may be a sign of lower levels of patient supervision.

Minimizes Urinary Tract Infections

Grade: A+

In Cottages of Clayton The, 0% of Patients had UTIs

This indicates the percent of patients who sustained a urinary tract infection. UTI's are often the result of worse hygiene protocols. Better nursing care can minimize the number likelihood of residents sustaining infections. Note that this datapoint is sometimes skewed by the fact that facilities have varying reporting standards for these infections.

Appropriately Uses Anti-Psychotic Medication

Grade: A

In Cottages of Clayton The, 7.14% of Patients use Anti-Psychotic Medication

This tells you the percentage of patients who were prescribed antipsychotic drugs. While antipsychotic drugs may be helpful for many residents, it is important to make sure these medications are being used appropriately. In limited situations, excessive reliance on these medications may mean a nursing home is using these drugs to subdue residents.

Appropriately Uses Anti-Anxiety Medication

Grade: A+

In Cottages of Clayton The, 0% of Patients use Anti-Anxiety Medication

This is the percentage of residents who were prescribed antianxiety medications. These medications are commonly used to treat patients suffering from depression and anxiety.

Managing Depression Among Residents

Grade: A+

In Cottages of Clayton The, 0% of Patients

This tells you the percent of patients demonstrating depressive symptoms. High rates of depression may reveal a less hospitable environment.

Appropriate Vaccine Usage

Grade: B-minus

In Cottages of Clayton The, 95.16% of Patients

This metric measures the percentage of long-term stay patients that were given the flu and pneumonia vaccines. Respiratory viruses can be very dangerous for nursing home residents, making these vaccines critical to patient safety.

Frequency Of ER Visits

Grade: C

In Cottages of Clayton The, 60.86 ER visits per 1,000 resident days

This metric tracks the number of emergency room visits per thousand days of long-term care. Avoiding emergency medical situations is one way to gauge long-term care.

Short-term Care: ER Visits

Grade: C

In Cottages of Clayton The, 16.37% of Patients

This is the number of times residents are sent to the emergency room per thousand days of short-term care. There is usually a correlation between staying out of the emergency room and the quality of rehabilitation.

Short-term Care: Facilitates Functional Improvement

Grade: F

In Cottages of Clayton The, 59.92% of Resident

This metric is a measure of the percentage of short-term patients who saw functional improvements.

Scores for Dayton, OH

  • Overall Rating has a grade of C
  • Nurse Rating has a grade of C
  • Long-term Care Rating has a grade of C
  • Short-term Care Rating has a grade of B-minus
  • Inspection Rating has a grade of B-plus

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