Community Compassion Center of Batesville is a large non-profit nursing home in Batesville, Arkansas. Featuring an overall score of F, we consider this to be a lower end nursing home. If you are not satisfied with this facility's low overall grade, you may find you have slim pickings in Batesville. The city has just two other nursing homes. More information on this facility's category grades is available below. Its best category was short-term care, which is addressed in the next section.

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Accepts Medicaid 1 : 150 Beds


Non profit - Corporation

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Short-term Care Quality


We just could not find anything positive to say about this facility. It received a D in the category of short-term care. Sadly, this ended up being its best grade. In forming these short-term care grades, we analyze the facility's skilled nursing services, such as those performed by registered nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and other types of skilled professionals. The objective is to formulate a tool for sizing up the rehabilitation services of various facilities. As you might expect, we found that this facility offers substantially less physical therapist and registered nurse hours per patient than a typical nursing home. Lastly, we looked at the percentage of residents who were able to return to the community from this facility. We found that just 0 percent of this nursing home's residents returned home.

Nurse Quality


We also wanted to point out that this nursing home received an F for its nursing grade. Our nursing grade is mostly associated with the facility's level of nurse staffing. This facility offered only 2.1 hours of nursing care per patient on a daily basis. Lastly, we also assessed some nursing quality-based metrics in computing our nursing grades. This place performed well when it comes to avoiding major falls and pressure ulcers. Many consider these areas to be good indicators of the quality of nursing care.

Facility Inspections


We wanted to point out this nursing home's inspection rating where it received an F. This usually means we found red flags on its inspections. With nursing homes that received this poor of an inspection score, we would scrutinize any severe deficiencies on its inspection report. This particular nursing home was assessed 2 deficiencies by government inspectors. The only favorable thing we can say is that none of these deficiencies were in the categories that suggest that they created a risk to patient health or safety. Finally, this facility also received 18 substantiated complaints in recent years. This is yet another bad sign.

Long-term Care Quality


Turning to the next area, this nursing home didn't fare well here either. With an abysmal grade of F in long-term care, this is really as as uninspiring as it gets. Facilities that receive this kind of score in long-term care may not provide the kind of consistent around the clock care that some other nursing homes provide. Once we assessed the amount of care provided by aids and other staff, we then analyzed the facility's vaccination data. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this nursing home submitted vaccination data. Surprisingly, this nursing home was actually able to limit hospitalizations. With just 0 hospitalizations per 1,000 long-term resident days, this facility has fewer hospitalizations than many nursing homes. This is its best feature in this category.

Overall Rating Over Time

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