Nursing Homes in Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico

There are just 2 nursing homes in Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, servicing a population of 7,139 people. These nursing homes earned on average an overall grade of D. This is a sign that this city has some bottom end facilities. In fact, we didn't give a grade of B or higher to a single nursing home in the city. If you aren't deterred by this place's profile, you can continue reading to find out about its nursing homes' category scores. This city's nursing homes actually received a decent grade in nursing for instance.

While its overall grade was abysmal, we gave Truth Or Consequences a decent grade of B- in the area of nursing. Our nursing score includes a handful of subcategories, but the most important consideration is the number of nurse hours per patient per week. Surprisingly, Truth Or Consequences also performed decently in the area of long-term care, where we gave it a C in this category. Lastly, we gave the city grades of C and D for our short-term care and inspections areas respectively. Despite its other respectable category grades, we find an inspections rating this low to be concerning.

Showing 2 nursing homes ranked by overall rating.

New Mexico State Veterans Home

992 South Broadway Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico 87901

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (575) 894-4200
  • large: 135 beds

Sierra Health Care Center

1400 North Silver Street Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico 87901

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (575) 894-7855
  • medium: 90 beds
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