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Nursing Homes in Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff's Nursing Home Quality  is graded a "A".

Long-Term Care  is graded a "A-minus".
Inspection Reports  are graded a "A".
Nurse Quality  is graded a "A-minus".
Short-Term Care  is graded a "A".

Flagstaff, Arizona is an average size city with 84,499 people. It features only 3 nursing homes, which is fewer than we expected in a city of this size. We gave the nursing homes in this city an excellent city grade of A. Even with just a couple of facilities, this is still quite an accomplishment. In fact, Flagstaff turned out to be the third best city in Arizona according to our rankings. Lastly, this city's category grades were every bit as strong as its city grade. You can read more about these in the next paragraph.

In addition to having excellent nursing homes overall, this city's nursing homes really excelled in the area of short-term care where we gave it a grade of A. Few cities performed better in this area. Short-term care scores this high are a favorable sign for the levels of physical and occupational therapy staffing at the nursing homes in a city. In addition, Flagstaff performed remarkably well in the category of inspections as well. In fact, some of its facilities received nearly perfect inspection reports this year. As a result, Flagstaff received an A in this category. Wrapping up its straight A report card, Flagstaff received an A- for its nursing rating and an A- in long-term care.

Nursing homes in Flagstaff, AZ

There are 3 nursing homes