Nursing Homes in Concordia, Kansas

With just two nursing homes in the city, you only have a couple of choices in Concordia, Kansas. Despite only having a couple of nursing homes, this city's nursing homes received a very good city grade of B+. For comparison's sake, we also assessed the nursing homes in the nearby city of Salina, which received a city grade of C. We found Concordia to be on a whole other level. The best aspect of this facility's strong profile is its nursing homes' nursing grades. We discuss nursing in the next paragraph.

In addition to receiving a strong overall grade, most of the nursing homes in Concordia performed spectacularly well in our nursing category. In fact, we awarded Concordia a grade of A for this category, which is one of our highest scores. Nursing ratings this high are a good sign for the staffing levels at the nursing homes in a city. Concordia performed extremely well in our inspections category as well. In fact, some of its facilities received nearly flawless inspection reports this year. Consequently, Concordia received an A in this category. Rounding out its quality profile, we gave the city strong grades for our short-term care and long-term care categories as well.

Showing 5 nursing homes ranked by overall rating.

Sunset Home

620 Second Avenue Concordia, Kansas 66901

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (785) 243-2720
  • small: 45 beds

Mount Joseph Senior Village

1110 W 11th Street Concordia, Kansas 66901

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (785) 243-1347
  • small: 60 beds

Nursing Homes Near Concordia, KS


Park Villa

114 S High St Clyde, Kansas 66938

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (785) 446-2818
  • small: 34 beds

The Nicol Home

303 E Buffalo St Glasco, Kansas 67445

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (785) 568-2251
  • small: 32 beds

Belleville Health Care Center

2626 Wesleyan Dr Belleville, Kansas 66935

  • Medicare:
  • Medicaid:
  • (785) 527-5636
  • small: 72 beds
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